Mystical and Abstract Paintings

My meditative and spiritual life is a rich tapestry of many years of study and practice, often supported by meeting spiritual leaders and groups in the various countries that I have been blessed to work in.

I love doing spiritual abstract paintings that allow me to connect to a feeling or an aspect of the mysteries of life. Here are some of the most recent ones. I often do them between the works that require more precision in the realities of life or in showing movement (as with my cars and horses). They are like mini vacations where I can enjoy the freedom and flow of the paint, expressing itself. A time when the analytical side of me can be shut off totally by the intuitive side. Mystical creatures, visions of the creation of our world, shamanic journeys, magical manifestation – these are the concepts underlying these s.

Many of my paintings involve the image of a hand indicating a wizard, medicine person, healer, shaman manifesting a feeling or pursuing a journey – such as making fire, seeking inner peace, healing, performing a soul retrieval, journeying into the earth, travel through the sylph, balance, etc. As a master healer and shamanic practitioner, I place my hand into the painting and impart a clear intention, then paint that intention. In ALL the paintings with a hand, the intentions are supported forever by unique paints made of ground crystals to embrace the intention of the painting and hold it. A wide range of ground crystals in the special watercolors including: malachite, jade, amethyst, turquoise, hematite, tigers eye, diopsite, fuschite, garnet, bloodstone, vivianite, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, purpurite, and kyanite.

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Paintings that are marked Available can be purchased by contacting me at

The Creation abstracts below are in pure watercolor and most are 9 x 12 inches on Arches 140 lbs cold press.

abstract 11 final

abstract 12 final
abstract 13 final
abstract 15
abstract 16
abstract 17

Shaman's Hand with tree of life
Shaman Hand with Tree of Life
Watercolor and Ink 9 x 12, Available

Wizard making fire - Sold to Philis Raskind-Anderson
Magically Making Fire
Watercolor 9 x 13 – SOLD


Wizard Balancing the Energies
Balancing the Energies
Watercolor 9 x 12, Available

wizard doing a soul retrieval 1
Shamanic Journey to do a Soul Retrieval
Watercolor 9 x 12, Artist’s Private Collection

Wizard Earth Journey - Sold to Gale Richards
Shamanic Journey into the Earth
Watercolor 10 x 14 – SOLD

Wizard Feeling the Music - sold at WAA
Feeling the Music
Watercolor – SOLD

Wizard Fire
Making Fire
Watercolor – SOLD

Wizard Inner Peace
Feeling Inner Peace
Watercolor 9 x 12, Book Cover, Artist’s Private Collection 

Wizard living the dance
Living the Dance
Watercolor 9 x 12, Available

wizard manifests inner peace
Manifesting Inner Peace
Watercolor 9 x 12, Artist’s Private Collection

wizard recovery
Watercolor 9 x 12, Available

Wizard Reiki Attunement - sold to Anita Jones, double Reiki Master
Giving Reiki Attunement
Watercolor 10 x 14 – SOLD

Wizard Sword of Truth
Wizard Holding the Sword of Truth
Watercolor 9 x 12, Available

Wizard's Fire
Wizard Throwing Fire
Watercolor 9 x 12, Available

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  1. sandra says:

    Painting the mystical creatures and wizard manifestations involves putting myself into their energy. It is a journey of great joy and discovery. I’m happy to share these special paintings with you and hope you enjoy them.