the struggle to pivot towards a positive vision

Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Each of us decides this for ourselves and it directs our life on this planet. No matter what happens to shape our lives, this decision for our direction is ours…and ours alone….no excuses, our choice alone.

After many years of doing mental walk-abouts in the development of my own personal philosophy, I’ve come to believe in the need for the following: clear and unwavering internal values, detachment from the clammering noise of life’s negatives, gratitude for the tender sweetness of life’s positives, intense focus on a positive vision of the future, belief in our miraculous ability to manifest whatever is held firmly in our thoughts, and walking the path with heart.

Life on Walden Pond would make it easier to stay on this “path with heart” and follow the tao…or the true way.  But, my life choices have not taken that route. There is much that I see that is inspiring, where many are struggling toward positive change in the face of inadequate resources and non-supportive systems.  But, some is not so inspiring.  The assault of facing slaughter houses and dumpsites, crying with Mother Earth over the black toxins leaching onto her sweet face, witnessing political and personal selfishness that blocks the evolution of solutions for the public good, coping bureaucrats protecting their jobs rather than the future, can make it hard to pivot away from negative clammer and focus toward creating and manifesting a vision. But, pivot I must.

Stepping back, resting, detaching, slowly pivoting. The ideas will come, some solutions will be identified. They will be put out there with the ideas and solutions of others. In time, they will manifest. It is the way, the course of miracles. I will trust that it will happen. As I trust and detach, and hand it over, it shall be…it shall become.

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