Stoney Brook Poodles


Stoney Brook Poodles is located at the 300 year old farm traditionally called Stoney Brook, in the colonial village of Roxbury, CT. We are located on the historic green and give our horses, chickens, bees, cats and dogs a quiet harmonious setting to thrive.

We have been producing show, agility and hunt quality AKC registered Standard Poodles for 23 years. Our dogs are bred for beauty, confirmation, health and temperament, and make wonderful additions to any family as well as outstanding therapy dogs.

sandra with 4 pups at 3 months old
We are proud of our Stoney Brook working dogs. At the Poodle Club of Massachusetts event, Stoney Brook D. (Lucy) won a Working Certificate (WC) when tested in the field for water fowl retrieval in 2009. At the Poodle Club of America National Event, she was one of only 8 poodles nationally that won a WC and a Working Certificate Excellent (WCX). AKC awarded Stoney Brook Rupert the Survivor an Honorable Mention for Canine Excellence (ACE) in the
category of exemplary Therapy work in 2007. One dog in the country, a corgi, won the ACE award for therapy, and only 7 dogs won the honorable mention. Rupert was the only standard poodle in the group of 8 dogs. Westminster Kennel Club acknowledges exemplary Therapy dogs at their annual shows and Stoney Brook Scout has received that honor for her work in New York hospitals. Our poodles have provided a healing presence at veterinarian and psychologist offices; provided in-home therapeutic support for a families with special needs children; had special training to provide diabetes alert service; work in the school systems with autistic children; and work in hospitals with seriously ill children.

Most of the poodles in our pedigree are AKC conformation champions, and some of which are also agility champions. Some of our cross breeding has been to European and Australian champions.  We are grateful to the exemplary breeders and owners of quality poodles that have enabled us to optimize genetic diversity and quality in our line.

If you would like more information on upcoming and existing puppies please email Sandra at Usually we breed once or twice a year. The rest of the time, the poodles just run around the farm playing and chasing squirrels.

We go well beyond the Poodle Club of America recommendations for the health testing of the breeding parents, and have the test results OFA certified. Our testing includes:  hip xray, eye exam, skin biopsy for sebaceous adenitis, blood test for von Willibrands, lab test for thyroid, DNA marker for degenerative myelopathyand DNA marker for neonatal encepalapathy.  Because of these tests, careful genetic matching, and good care, we have minimal disease in our line.  We also arrange for an outside professional to do our temperament testing of each litter at 7 weeks.

Aside from using quality AKC champion studs at times, we also routinely buy a quality poodle from outside of our line.  This is done to obtain optimum genetic diversity, which is important for rigor, as noted for the recent purchases below:

  • In 2016 we purchased Evidette Dulces Suenos from Spain to capture the complete diversity and quality of a top European line of champions.
  • In 2013 we purchased Lauris Quintessential, seen here relaxing at an AKC/PCA specialty conformation show.

Quinn at show

Here on this page we’ve uploaded photos of some of the poodles we have bred, Contact us at to receive an updated copy of our detailed puppy care document, 25 pages of poodle specific guidance on health, toxins, training, nueter/spray and dog communication.  If you want to see the kind of guarantees we provide, also contact sandra for a copy of our detailed puppy purchase contract agreement.

stoney brook's Meledee Maria Elena


















A Stoney Brook champion:  AKC American CH Meledee Maria Elena shown by Joseph Vergnetti, out of our foundation bitch Meledee Delilah and sired by Meledee Limited Edition.

May 15, 2014 1 year old Clara and Cooper

Two one year old pups from our 2013 litter of Harmony and Takara.

Daisey at DC cafe












Dancing Daisies watching the crowd at a Washington DC Café

Delilah, Our Beloved Foundation Bitch, out of CH Ale Kai Always Ready and CH Meledee Satin Doll

Sandra, Magyck, Lavender, Misty, Clara, and Daisey out on the Hiking Trail


Clear Waters…Clara

Lavender, out of CH Dassin the Love Machine and CH Meledee Dassin Josephine,  and her puppy, Raven Song

Leo meets a calf

Merlin’s Magyck, our gentle alpha male, with his wonderful handler, Joseph Vergnetti

Magyck, sired by Australian Champion Flitwick Foreman

Moonlight Mist out of Chorus Line Arakian Tabr and our foundation bitch Meledee Delilah

Stoney Brook poodles:  Piper’s Petunia, Clear Waters and Dancing Daisies watching our kitty

Misty & Magyck

Misty and her orbs

Raven Song, out of Lavender and CH Mostly Mozart, goes to her First Show

Willow, sired by CH Dassin Dancelot and our Delilah, nursing her pups

Stoney Brook Horses and Poodles on our Farm

Misty, Clara and Magyck on the Hiking Trail

Sandra, author of “Energy Healing for Animals and Their Owners”,  and some of the Poodles she has bred, teaching the first Earth Lodge Animal Energy Healing class