Shutting off our analytical mind with right brain creative time

Taking a vacation from work is not about going away, while my mind is still with me.  Instead it is about staying put, and sending my analytical brain parts to the nap room for a rest.  So may ways to achieve that vacation.  Anything that is totally demanding of attention, like riding a spooky horse….or like trying to manage the flow of washes of watercolor on paper without inhibiting the paint.

For me, the best mental break comes from painting abstracts.   Just the play of the color on paper.  I love choosing colors that make me feel happy.  Here are a few from recent days.

So many people believe they can’t paint.  While it takes great practice and skill to master painting and depicting something real with artistic balance of form, value and color, we can all enjoy painting and experience a mental vacation from playing with color.

For me, such painting is a good way to end one report or mental task, clear my mind, and be ready to switch gears to a new mental task.  After each painting, it is as if my mind is a new clear piece of paper.

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