Our new pups


pups at 8 weeks in 2013

Tati 5

one pup from summer of 2013 at one year old

May 15, 2014 1 year old Clara and Cooper

cream brother and black sister at one year old from 2013 litter



The photo to the left shows a couple of the 2015 pups. We usually have 1 or 2 litters per year. The parents of our pups are health tested to meet Poodle Club of America protocols for genetic diseases and all results are good for hips, eyes, thyroid, skin, clotting factor, and eyes. We also check the parents for coefficient of inbreeding and seek to bring in new stock from other lines every generation for genetic diversity. All pups are vaccinated, declawed, tails docked, dewormed and well trained for a quick transition to their new homes.

Our pups are raised in the house with their mother and extended family. After one month old, they spend lots of time outdoors playing with their siblings.

All are tested professionally for temperament. We are known for the good health and temperament of our line. 20 years of quality breeding and excellent care. We stand behind our contract and guarantees for life-time support to your pup and you.



Shutting off our analytical mind with right brain creative time

Taking a vacation from work is not about going away, while my mind is still with me.  Instead it is about staying put, and sending my analytical brain parts to the nap room for a rest.  So may ways to achieve that vacation.  Anything that is totally demanding of attention, like riding a spooky horse….or like trying to manage the flow of washes of watercolor on paper without inhibiting the paint.

For me, the best mental break comes from painting abstracts.   Just the play of the color on paper.  I love choosing colors that make me feel happy.  Here are a few from recent days.

So many people believe they can’t paint.  While it takes great practice and skill to master painting and depicting something real with artistic balance of form, value and color, we can all enjoy painting and experience a mental vacation from playing with color.

For me, such painting is a good way to end one report or mental task, clear my mind, and be ready to switch gears to a new mental task.  After each painting, it is as if my mind is a new clear piece of paper.

Dancing the dance with watercolor

We are all different. Some of us are more intuitive, others more analytical. Some of us are more process oriented, others more outcomes oriented. We are encouraged to walk the path with heart, to dance the dance of life like Shiva, to follow the Tao way.

Watercolors is a partner in the dance, often with a mind of their own. Like riding a horse instead of a motorcycle, the horse is a partner in the dance. It sees things I don’t see, hears things I don’t hear, feels things I don’t feel, yet somehow I must be always ready and in sync with the horse to stay in the saddle and give it a continuous set of almost-indiscernible directions. A flick of the wrist, a bit of pressure on one leg, a contracting of the seat muscles…invisible clues between dancing partners.

Watercolors layer in subtle glazes, creating mixed colors by overlapping transparent layers. The paint is allowed to flow and drip and blend, creating lively surprises. Some we adjust and correct to suit our desires, but others we simply dance with, changing our vision as we go along. The process of painting watercolors is delightful. It’s not so easy to have the drama and intensity of an outcome that matches what can be achieved with oils, acrylics or pastels. But, no other technique is so equal a partner in the dance as watercolor.

I am far from expert at watercolors. But, every day I am learning and dancing. This month, I’m working on several paintings of horses. I start with a sketch, then I do a layer of transparent blues to show where shadows will be, then I erase the pencil lines. Next comes some transparent yellow to show some areas of sunlight. After, a number of layers of many colors will be done. Here is an sample of the blue layer, another of the blue and yellow layers, another showing some rose layers for a horse that will be a bay color, then some working of the background for that bay horse, and finally two of  finished paintings. I hope you enjoy seeing my approach….this month. It’s isn’t always the same approach each time. So many ways to walk the path with heart….

the struggle to pivot towards a positive vision

Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Each of us decides this for ourselves and it directs our life on this planet. No matter what happens to shape our lives, this decision for our direction is ours…and ours alone….no excuses, our choice alone.

After many years of doing mental walk-abouts in the development of my own personal philosophy, I’ve come to believe in the need for the following: clear and unwavering internal values, detachment from the clammering noise of life’s negatives, gratitude for the tender sweetness of life’s positives, intense focus on a positive vision of the future, belief in our miraculous ability to manifest whatever is held firmly in our thoughts, and walking the path with heart.

Life on Walden Pond would make it easier to stay on this “path with heart” and follow the tao…or the true way.  But, my life choices have not taken that route. There is much that I see that is inspiring, where many are struggling toward positive change in the face of inadequate resources and non-supportive systems.  But, some is not so inspiring.  The assault of facing slaughter houses and dumpsites, crying with Mother Earth over the black toxins leaching onto her sweet face, witnessing political and personal selfishness that blocks the evolution of solutions for the public good, coping bureaucrats protecting their jobs rather than the future, can make it hard to pivot away from negative clammer and focus toward creating and manifesting a vision. But, pivot I must.

Stepping back, resting, detaching, slowly pivoting. The ideas will come, some solutions will be identified. They will be put out there with the ideas and solutions of others. In time, they will manifest. It is the way, the course of miracles. I will trust that it will happen. As I trust and detach, and hand it over, it shall be…it shall become.