My Engineering Work

On this page you may find links to documents and slide presentations that I have worked on, either as the principal researcher and author, or as the team leader for a consulting group doing the research under my direction.

Cointreau Private Sector Presentation to World Bank Feb 2015

Cointreau Recycling and Resource Recovery Workshop Materials to Industries in Abu Dhabi 2013

Cointreau Informal Waste Recycler Inclusion in New Systems Presented to World Bank 2014

Guidance Note on Private Sector Participation in India – final – ready for review and comment 2014

Final Report for IADB on Economic Instruments in Waste Management 2003

Global Holistic Decision Modeling of Waste Technologies in 9 Global Cities – Main Report 2010

Annexes for Global Holistic Decision Modeling Report

Global Study of Livestock Wastes and Operations in Live Markets and Livestock Slaughterhouses 2010

Guidance for Reconstruction of Livestock Markets and Slaughterhouses in Developing Countries 2010

Slide Presentation for ISWA Australia Keynote on Challenges in Waste Management including Livestock Wastes 2009

Slide Presentation for Singapore ISWA Keynote on Persistent Pollutant Discharges in Livestock Wastes and Growing Antibiotic Resistance 2008

Presentation to European Community on Animal Welfare Findings of Global World Bank Study 2008

Presentation to World Bank Staff through first Bank-wide E-Sessions on Sustainable Solid Waste Systems 2006 E-Sessions – available in French, Spanish and Portuguese if you email me

Slide Presentation on Finance at ISWA Argentina 2005

Slides on Methods and Achievements in Iraq Reconstruction in 2002

Toolkit for Private Sector Participation in Solid Waste Systems – Cointreau original text 2001 (full toolkit available for purchase from Swiss Technical Cooperation Agency)

Occupational and Environmental Health of Solid waste Systems 2006

Solid Waste Management Conceptual Issues on Cost Recovery, Financial Incentives, and Intergovernmental Transfers 2006

Slide Presentation Amsterdam ISWA Keynote on Complexities and Challenges in Waste Management 2007

Slide Presentation on Solid Waste Health Issues 2003 World Bank publication

Slide Presentation on Solid Waste Collection Systems 2005

Slide Presentation on Transfer Station Options 2005

Transfer Station Design Concepts for Developing Countries 1990’s paper to ASCE

Sanitary Landfill Design and Siting Criteria, 1996-2004 World Bank publication

Private Sector Participation in Municipal Solid Waste Services in Developing Countries 1994 World Bank publication

Demand Assessment and Willingness to Pay Survey 1999

Compost Market Assessment – Examples from Developing Countries 2000


Below is a copyright free Waste Hierarchy Graphic Maya & Sandra Cointreau created to best illustrate how waste decreases as one follows the hierarchical structure.